Automatic polishing

In this department we can process flat or curved articles, starting from small dimensions up to 7 meters length, whether they are aluminum, steel, brass, etc., for a maximum width of 1 meter.

The two double-head brushing machines are available for 2 and 3 meters of useful load from a large stock of shapes, suitable for working articles with added shapes and sizes. Both have double loader,optimized for large productions, but can also be used for limited or out of series production if necessary.

The 7 meter pallet machine, mainly designed for working bars, retains the flexibility of the smaller sisters with the possibility of working small and curved pieces, even in a combined cycle to use several machine heads simultaneously. This one also have the double loader optimization for loading / unloading procedures. The power of 4 independent motors guaranteed high quality polishing.

The last one, belonging to the same family, has a useful bench of 1 meter in width and 3.2 meters in length, was designed for heavy loads. Equipped with 3 heads, it is suitable for the processing of all metals, with finishes comparable to the sister with 4 heads.

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