What do we do

We realize the most known surface finishes: brushed finishing and mirror polishing. We also prepare materials for the most varied finishes such as chrome plating, brass plating, gilding or anodizing in many chromatic variations.

We work mainly aluminum items, but the trend is leading us to work more iron, brass and steel. Our reference areas are furniture (including bathroom furniture) and the appliance, but we are increasingly sectors such as lighting, naval, design solutions, fitting out of public places, carpentry, architecture, various technical / mechanical fields and automotive.

We deal with different types of shapes and sizes, such as handles, plates, sheets, structures, bars, objects with complex shapes, etc.

The synergy between our departments with manual and automatic machines allows us a considerable flexibility and a quick response to the customers.

Our detailed processing procedures are stored in some computers located in the production departments, interfaced with the management software that also monitoring the progress and processing times. Any product problem is managed by our technical office that contacts the customer directly to find the most appropriate solutions.

Each operator performs and verifies its own processing step, in order to maintain over time a constant work quality.

We have recently introduced a final quality control station for outgoing goods.

Quality assurance, according to ISO9001:2015 certification.

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