Manual sanding, brushed finishing and polishing

In this department we prepare articles that go later in other departments and we work items that come from other phases. Are also performed complete workings of pieces that have limited or special series. The great experience of our staff allows us a considerable speed and versatility on working execution.

We have manual taping machines and free taping machines for pieces treatments. The many types of tapes allow us to handle many types of material. The machine engine revolutions are numerically controlled to adapt the working speeds according to the type of belt and material used.

We have a lot of 2 independent heads manual polishing machines, with which we made grinding, brushed finishing and polishing processes. Powerful and versatile machines, they can assemble many types of brushes for the realization of many types of finishing, from simple grinding to brushed finishing and to polishing.

The planetary sanders allow us to carry out the taping and radial brushed finishing on pipes and rods, from a diameter of 5 mm up to a diameter of 110 mm, with the possibility to work also bent pieces, both dry and wet.

In the departments there are shielded touch screen PCs, interfaced directly with the management software in order to monitor the progress of production and to allow operators to consult the processing cycles for each item. The goods are identified by a barcode and followed by a production order, to ensure complete tracking.

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