Sanding and brushed finishing

With our systems we can treat cut objects or bars of various materials, such as brass, iron, steel and aluminum. We perform preparation for painting or for subsequent polishing and brushed finishing on many types of metals, including stainless steel.

The cross brushing machine is made to measure and is unique in its kind. The cross effect brushed finish, called "Cross" is very special and has a strong visual impact. The peculiarity of the machine is that it can perform brushed finishing on regular pieces, on extrusions with inclined sides and even with slightly curved surfaces. The processable dimensions are maximum 200 mm section, with no length limits. This very particular finish can be used in the most diverse sectors.

We have a 6-head wet grinder that allows you to carefully prepare the material to be polished, but also to perform the brushed finish. The maximum usable dimensions are about 300 mm in width and 200 mm in height, with no length limits.

Among our machines you can also find two dry grinders (equipped with a micro-drop lubrication system of specific oil), which allow us to work pieces up to a width of 1150 mm with a maximum height of 160 mm (200 mm for the 'aluminum), without length limits. One of the two grinders has 2 heads and is dedicated to the processing of ferrous alloys, the other is of the latest generation and has 3 independent heads, dedicated to aluminum and its alloys.

Also in this case we can prepare the material for polishing or carry out the satin finishing.

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